Dear Mr. Alzheimer,

In light of the news of Pat Bowlen stepping down as Denver Broncos majority owner, I would like to tell you to piss off. I’m not really certain why you exist. You are one of the cruelest creatures to ever roam the earth. I don’t have any family that has had to wrestle you but I have seen you work close up. I worked at a country club for many years, a club where the average age was over 65 (so I got front row for you and your evil friends’ deeds). I watched you slowly take a gentleman from us. Unlike most the membership, I really enjoyed Teddy. He was a good man and always had a good story for me. When Teddy was diagnosed with your disease, I saw it. Everyday a memory ripped from his consciousness. Absolute torture at first. Eventually you rob everything and the pain of not remembering is gone for your host. They just go blank, a brief reprieve. It’s at this moment that your reign of evil takes over everyone that surrounds your victim. You truly do not fight fair. I wish you were gone. Vanish into nothingness and take your friend Mr. Parkinson and cousins Cancer with you. I also got to see their work close up and they are equally cruel and unusual.



If you have a family member or friend that has battled these afflictions, my thoughts are with you. Be strong and don’t let it take your faith.

“, it cannot touch my soul.” -JimmyV