This is a sensitive topic for me at this moment. I didn’t watch all of the All Star festivities this week, I’m a busy man. I caught a bit of the home run derby, in which I thought the new format was a bit of a joke, sorry Todd Frazier but 1 shot should not advance you to the finals. I caught a few innings of the actual game and the Derek Jeter suck fest. Here’s my take. Jeter deserves all the accolades and applause, absolutely. He is the “captain” and is “what a professional should be,” as states a good friend of mine. I mean for God’s sake the man was playing for the Yankees when I was still in High School, that’s an amazing career. I thought the Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds dugout interview was a joke but that sums up Joe Buck. I hope you Soccer fans were watching, Fox gets the next World Cup and they will fuck it up. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that Fox and the MLB did nothing to honor or even mention the member of the MLB family that was lost mere weeks before, Tony Gwynn. A baseball icon and tragic figure that parents should use as a lesson for their youths. Play like Tony; love the game, respect the game and play hard but please stop the use of smokeless tobacco. Baseball could have put a nice piece together or even just a quick moment of silence, a show of respect…nothing.

Today, a written response and by God they’ve made it worse, in my eyes anyway. MLB says that they purposely left it out because they lost other members of the baseball family, like Don Zimmer, this year and didn’t want to single anyone out. They didn’t want to give one person more and the others less. All apologies to the Zimmer family and the rest of the people that were lost but they did not have the impact on the game like Tony Gywnn and why not just a quick moment to honor them all anyway, don’t want to bring down the good time that nobody is watching? I am outraged at the MLB and Fox but that’s not really a surprise. I love the game of baseball but it’s not the first time and won’t be the last that Bud Selig has dropped the ball and then just played dumb. To use a golf analogy, shocker I know, you just hit your ball into a hazard, lay it up and make bogie. What I mean by that is just admit you fucked up and apologize. It’s really not that hard you ego-maniacal piss ant. But no, a crap explanation leads to a triple bogie for Major League Baseball and Fox. You lose.