Bravery comes in all forms or at least varied forms. I’m working on a post right now about Brian Stow. Again if you don’t know who he is, Google. Brian’s life was tragically altered and his bravery is different and immeasurable compared to someone like myself. That post won’t be ready for a while because I’m trying to give it full attention and it’s just do. This short post is really about my own bravery. Some people look at my life and this blog and say, “wow, you are a brave dude…” Some do not. I don’t and have never considered myself brave, on the contrary I’ve always considered myself somewhat weak and small. No matter, I’ve had a new epiphany lately that my bravery is just defined differently. I have fears. I acknowledge those fears. I now talk openly about those fears. They are no longer locked inside a shell of Freudian bullshit. So, as fatherhood approaches there are many things I fear, probably not the things that you think I should be afraid of. I’ve torn apart my insides trying to come to terms with these things but to no avail. And then an unlikely source spoke to me. I’m reading The Game of Thrones. Have your giggle, go ahead. It’s actually a pretty fun read, long but entertaining. There is a scene where a kid asks his father, “Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?” It was like the book was written for me to read at this exact time in my life. “That is the only time a man can be brave,” said the father. It hit me. I have been brave this whole time, just not looking at it with the right eyes. A friend of mine named Alan once told me ,”you don’t know who you can be until you step out of your comfort zone.” I’m not sure he remembers saying that to me but he lives that mantra and has had an interesting life adventure. So, as life pushes forward because time never ticks backwards; be brave, acknowledge your fear and step out of your comfort area. Be great, everyone can.