Over the weekend my wife and I went on our “baby-moon.” (Google it, it’s a real thing) We rented a nice little condo in Half Moon Bay very close to where we got married. We had a nice local beach that wasn’t overcrowded and a short walk from Maverick. Maverick will be a topic on a different day. I’ll leave it at that, as we had a fantastic time and not everything should be shared.

On Sunday I read a book. It was a great little read about a father and his point of view. I have decided, wife’s idea, that I am going to journal this adventure that we are about to get into. Once a week, a post from my point of view on the week’s happenings. It will be in addition to this blog that has been an off and on journey of words. I’m thinking of a third as well. So stay tuned sports fans and maybe get a helmet, it might be a bumpy ride!!