One of the interesting features of this blog site is the fact that it has a “stat” tracker. I can see how many reads and hits I get on any given day. By tagging the blogs I can see what subjects get the most attention. I guess it’s a way for other attention loving “whore writers” to grow readership. I really don’t care how many people read my crap I spew onto this screen. I use this as a vent for a healthy life and healthy I am. The interesting dynamic however is what subjects get the most love. It’s not just regulated to my blog, it’s everywhere in human society. In the last few years I have written about several subjects, some happy and some grim. I’ll give you two guesses which gets the most action but you only need one. What is our fascination with death and human frailty? Why does the news only report heart wrenching stories? Why are death defying sports so captivating? Are we sick as a society? These things are seen more on the news and on web pages because they attract the public’s attention, ratings follow. With the rise in ratings, comes advertising dollars. 


I wrote that a few months ago and didn’t publish it. Now I write about having a baby and buying a new home. The hits on these subjects that surpassed any of the “death” blogs. Maybe it’s just that the “good” stories aren’t reported enough? We pay too much attention to the ills and tragedies in our short existences. I get at least a story a day via my wife from some online forum (Yahoo News and others)  that would make anyone gasp for air, really heart breaking stuff, front page stuff. Will it ever change? Probably not.


In summary, this was a good news blog that more people are reading my posts about baby and happy times. Which means nobody will read it… I guess we’ll see you during my next eulogy entry, sick bastards.