My life is a touch different in the last few weeks but it’s a difference I welcome, a challenge. It is fascinating watching my baby grow inside it’s protective mommy-shelter. I’m not sure “miracle” encapsulates how human life is brought forth but I don’t think we have any other words that suffice either. So I will say it’s been a beautiful “miracle” thus far. Baby is in between the 6 and 7 month mark of growth and we can officially say that this little tyke will probably be a soccer player or some other kind of athlete involving kicking and punching; sorry to my wife that she has to endure the punishment for a couple more months (good thing it’s not summer time, doh!!). We’ve been receiving all the cliche questions from friends and family and our answers aren’t always welcomed with joy and appreciation. I didn’t think by not finding out the sex of the little fart would in fact cause other people such a headache. I had a customer at my store, someone I’ve known for an hour, say, ” well that is just crazy, how are people supposed to shop for you?” My answer to this is simple; if you are coming to Stephanie’s baby shower or even just want to get something for us (very kind of you…lol) shop off our registry. If you want to buy the boy/girl something adorable to wear; wait until he/she is presented to the world or get something that both genders can wear. I think the most important thing to remember is that the kid will be out of those first clothes before we know what happens. We are not finding out the sex of the baby for a few reasons but probably the main was said to me by one of my close friends, “it will be the biggest surprise and best moment of your lives when the Doctor/nurse announces those words…” And as a selfish reasoning and corny thing for me is that I really can’t wait to tell the waiting room news, I think that will be pretty cool.  I know it’s overused but health and happiness of Mommy and baby are the most important things to hope for. So, if you pray, pray for that because we’ll lovingly accept a son or daughter into our new home.


Speaking of new home!! Less than a week away for the big move. I cannot wait to leave this shitty apartment behind us. I was at our house today and received our (tell them what they’ve won Bob!) brand new refrigerator!! Carpet in bedrooms on Thursday, a little touch up work here and there, some cleaning to do and with the help of a few good men, move our furniture in and kaboom!! This blog may turn into a weekly episode of home and garden and for that I apologize, just super excited.