You ever get on a topic and you really don’t know what to think about it or how to react. I am a patriotic American citizen. This usually means that someone snaps to judgment and nobody can change their mind. I think this is one of the founding aspects to being an American, hate it or love it. If you have an opinion, you usually don’t waiver and you stick by it right or wrong. It makes me completely insane that some people can’t listen or if they change their minds about something because they think they are being weak. Anyways, off the soap box and on to my topic.


Lucy LI is 11 years old. Instead of planning sleepovers, playing with friends and terrifying her father with thoughts of impending teenager-ship; she is playing in the US Women’s Open. She earned her way there by qualifying in a pretty good field at Half Moon Bay. She not only qualified, she destroyed the field by something like 7 strokes, shooting 74-68 (I don’t have time to look up exacts but you get my point). So you can’t say it was handed to her and she didn’t earn it. Her first round at Pinehurst was an up and down typical US Open round. She had a couple big numbers but showed great poise to bounce back with a couple birdies. Is this “poise” or just a kid that doesn’t know better. She ended up shooting 78 (8 over par) and is currently tied for 92 out of 154 players. At the end of yesterday she was only 10 shots back from the lead and gave a pretty good post round interview with Steve Sands where she sounded like a seasoned pro, or at least someone’s that’s been coached well. 


Stacy Lewis, the number one player in the world said she wasn’t a big fan of an 11 year old playing at this level. I tend to agree or do I?. Where does Lucy Li go from here? I know very well the work that is involved to make it to this stage, having never made it myself and put in some serious hours. What happens when she doesn’t make it next year? What happens at age 20? Does she burn out? Or does she overcome expectation and continue to love the game? I worry about kids like this that are pushed into the spot light at such a young age and I hope she gets some “super parenting” when this is said and done. The only thing to do now is wait and find out. I’m not saying this is going to turn out bad or hoping it does. If you are, you need to look in the mirror and examine your soul. I am cheering for her. 


I know this thing goes both ways and she might be a “phenom” and change our thinking. The problem is we have a ton of examples of it going the other way. Remember Freddy Adu? If you don’t Google him. “America’s Pele,” thrust into the spot light at a very young age. Where is he now?


PS…On the other hand; people are talking about Women’s golf like never before… Excuse me Stacy Lewis, this may be good for your tour, you might want to just let this one go…