This is the time of the year where I would usually say that there are 365 days to the start of next year’s US Open and my calendar starts now. Over 10 years has gone by since I’ve been attempting to qualify and this obviously has not worked. Remember that definition of insanity,” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, I am fucking nuts then. I really haven’t varied anything in my life. I do the same workout routine, I practice the same, I play the same, I eat the same, ect… Well folks, life is about to change and has been slightly changing over the last few years. Baby coming in September, new home owners, remodeling for the last couple and the next couple weekends, college education rounding out; life is getting awesome. I’m gonna wager on myself. This is the biggest change; I would never bet on myself before. Self belief comes with results. Even though the golf game has never been worse, life has never been better. You know how I said I haven’t been doing anything different, well, here’s a different view. It was only a few years ago that I didn’t even have a bed to sleep in, I just legitimately bought a house… 15 years ago I sat on a beach thinking about ending my existence, I went refrigerator shopping with my wife last night and Yes, we are getting the Cadillac of food storage! In October 2006, a great friend of mine passed away and I drank and popped pills to forget; today I drink wine and beer to celebrate and remember him. When I was a young man my father walked out of my life; I am about to be a Dad for the first time and I will be great.  I have grown in so many ways it’s ridiculous and I look forward to continuing this trend and long as this body will hold me. In March 2002, I tied the course record at Stone Creek Golf Club in Phoenix AZ…63; today I couldn’t break an egg with my swing but I truly enjoy the game and can’t wait for this year to see if I can get it back. I will continue to write and share my life on my sleeve. Thanks for listening.