So, for the 24th time since I left the hallowed halls of high school I’m moving. No, not to Sheridan…just read the title and I can see the misunderstanding. My wife and I officially own a home in Fairfield California. We are very excited, lots to do before actually moving though. The current resident has to vacate, we have to put down our new laminate floor, we have to paint and change out some doors, etc…; then we can move in. Yes, this makes my commute even further to my current employment but that’s another post.


I mentioned 24 times moving. Let’s see if I can name them all. I usually add or subtract one based on cloudy memory. The people and perhaps places’ names have been changed, maybe, to protect the innocent. 1. Off to the University of Wyoming. 2. Couldn’t handle school, social life and other crap, back to Mom’s house. 3. Off to South Dakota to try and play football. I couldn’t just handle school the first attempt, so let’s add a physically and mentally demanding sport to the mix. 4. Nope, couldn’t deal with that either, back to Moms. 5. Mom and I can’t deal with each other, move into first apartment with girlfriend. 6. Decide Wyoming winters are no longer for me and like a thief in the night, off to Lake Elsinore California but who stole who….? 7. Shit goes down hill and I roll to Imperial Beach California to live with exdrugger friend of the family. 8. Kicked out for not “hanging out,” still a mystery. Move in with friend/customer of the bar I worked at. 9. Kicked out of there for being a “selfish, inconsiderate little bastard” and being 2 days late with rent. 10. Found a job and place to live. This one was bizarre. Lived in a guest house and took care of a wealthy ladies aviary. Free rent, a paycheck and lots of birds to talk to. Moved out because I didn’t like the way she abused her 12 year old grandson. I wanted to take him with me but the law would not allow it. 11. Car and street living for 45 days. So many stories and experiences from this short period of time. 12. Seek help and find 3 people that I know. We make 4 and after life drama, down to 2. 13. Can’t survive in Southern Cal on two minimum wage gigs and find a life raft in Lake Havasu City AZ with an old friend. 14. One year in Havasu, really hot, and off to North Phoenix for golf job and to build one of the most important relationships of my life, my distant cousin and her family become close, accepting me as one of their own. 15. Into 2nd apartment in Phoenix, better location and cheaper rent….I think. 16. Fan, meet shit again and I move in with a couple of “relationshit” refugee men. 17. One of the best men I’ve ever known gets cancer and life tries to fall apart again. I move in with my cousin David and try to rebuild. 18. Stephanie comes into my life and I move in with her in Scottsdale. 19. We move from Scottsdale back to Phoenix, only a couple blocks from my first apartment in Phoenix. Life is circular. 20. More space. We rent a house only a few blocks from my cousin Tawni. I thought we would stay longer. 21. Move from Phoenix to NorCal. Into a house the inlaws purchased and flipped for a rental. 22. House is done and ready for renters, we find an apartment in San Ramon. 23. We find a small ass dumpy apartment in Martinez California. We save a crap load of money living in this cave. This is where I type today. 24. With the help of my super realtor mom-in-law we find a home. It’s a sweet little 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom in a very nice neighborhood. We’ll have our keys when we return from a little vacation. That’s it since the fall of 1996, I’ve been on the move. I’m ready to plant a garden and grow a few roots. The baby G will be here in September and I’m proud that we will have a stable environment for him/her to thrive in.


Done with my first year of “come back” school. It was crazy busy but I feel very fulfilled. I’m looking at classes for the fall semester as we speak. So along with school, work, commuting, a new born should make things easier, hahahahhahaha (Yes, that’s the laughter of a lunatic), Let’s do this!!


A little vacation is upon us. Flying to the “old country” to see my Mother. She has a monumental birthday this weekend and I’m so happy to be able to be there!! Look out Sheridan, coming back to where all the moving began!!