The other day we had our last ultrasound and it was awesome. It’s hard to imagine the miracle of growing a child, so complex. We looked at all the organs, looking at the different ventricles of the heart was the most fascinating to me. The doctor came in and said all the good words that you anticipate. “All fingers and toes, no cleft lip, no club foot, heart and brain developing correctly… healthy baby to this point…Congratulations.” I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of internal reaction to something, very warming. The entire time we were sitting there however, my neck twinged with pain. 

A while ago I hurt it somehow. I rarely get seriously injured and usually with ice and Advil, these kind of things go away on their own. I guess this is part of maturing:-) The pain had not subsided, only getting worse everyday. In the golf tournament on Monday, I tried to hit a 5 wood out of a bunker from 230 and hit the lip with my club on the follow through and honest to God for a second thought I broke my neck. This had little to do with my bad play but probably cost me a couple a side. With  a few simple words of encouragement from my wife, “you need to be healthy when this baby comes…” I was booking an appointment with a chiropractor. I don’t think highly of chiropractors as I only hear bones cracking and people crying when that name is mentioned. I went and had a full work up and adjustment of my neck. Still skeptical when I went home very sore but he said that might happen. Do you know what happened from there? I got one of best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time. Besides a little muscle soreness today, I am almost completely pain free! Chiropractor or witch doctor, I don’t care! I feel good!

“A bad day for your Ego, is a great day for your Soul.”