I am taken a back for a moment. I got an email from a follower that asked me why I haven’t posted in some time? Do you actually care what I say in these posts? I didn’t think anyone really did but am once again surprised by humans. Is it bad that when all the horrible things happen in society there is not one part of me that is shocked but when a single person reaches out to me, just to check in and make sure everything is OK, I am genuinely surprised that the human spirit of caring still exists?

The answer: as most of you know I am very busy right now. I’ve written at least a dozen short to long papers in the last couple months. I can see the light though and only have two weeks of school left. I will not be taking any summer classes so I will have plenty of catch up time. There has been a bunch to talk about but maybe it’s good I missed some of it.

See you soon.

PS. US Open Local Qualifying on Monday the 12th….. to be continued…