I wasn’t going to touch this story, not even a little bit. I don’t understand or know enough about law or collective bargaining agreements to even come close to being able to make an intelligible note about the decision that came down today. I’ve processed a bunch of different emotions over the last two days as this case has been beat into our brains, so that’s what the basis of this post is going to be, emotions. I don’t know Donald Sterling. I’ve never really heard anything about him, other than being an NBA owner. I’ve been an NBA fan since I was a little kid, all the while he’s owned the Clippers. So when I heard the disturbing story about racist statements made by some rich white guy, I really wasn’t surprised. Our country was founded on racism, by racists. If you’re not sure about that statement pick up a book about the slave trade and how it was the basis of the beginnings of our economy. I digress, when players and coaches started coming out with the fact that this has been an ongoing issue with this guy for the last few decades, I was appalled. Then I learned that he has been sued and won. The Department of Justice even brought charges against him and they ended up settling, I was shocked. How can a bigot hide in plain sight for so long? He has a ton of money, understands the law and this country allows it to happen. Racism turns surprise and shock directly into anger in my mind. Any time I hear it, see it, read about it or feel it; it makes me angry.


Adam Silver took the podium today and changed my mood. It was a stern punishment delivered with the correct tone in a timely manner. I heard a caller on a radio show on the way home talk about how it doesn’t change the last 30 years of this guy’s past. He’s right, it doesn’t. What it does do is set a new precedence. Racism has been put on notice. This isn’t just a NBA issue. It’s a societal issue that exists everywhere in our hallowed country. This frame of action and mind will no longer be tolerated. This should and must trickle down into every aspect of our lives. Our own business’s should use this precedence and not tolerate bigotry. This story should be taught  and talked about in schools. Most importantly at home, stop teaching hate and start preaching love. We are 135 years removed from the end of the Civil War, I think it’s time to finish what the Emancipation Proclamation started. People are people. Our culture is diverse and beautiful.


I have a ton more to say on this but wanted to keep it short and not give this bastard too much of my much needed energy. The world needs more Adam Silvers. That can be you or me for that matter. Think about that.