I generally don’t get obsessed over television. There are certain shows that I watch and get emotionally attached to. Yeah, I was not happy when How I Met Your Mother ended but did I cry or lose sleep, maybe not. Season 10 of Deadliest Catch started the other night and I watched with great anticipation, crazy addiction. How did we become obsessed with TV shows featuring normal everyday people just doing their jobs?

I think it’s really because we can identify with these characters because they’re not made up by Hollywood. They are men, real men doing hard work. They have real personal flaws that exist within ourselves. Their relationships aren’t perfect and you can echo their pain in your thoughts as you watch. They have conflicts with each other that aren’t that different from that of our own. All I know is that I think about these guys a lot. I miss Captain Phil and hope Josh gets the Cornelia Marie going this season. I hope his little brother has gotten his shit together off camera. I hope the fleet has a good season because they were delayed by the government shutdown. I hope the new captains don’t kill someone with their lack of experience. I hope the Time Bandit guys just keep being themselves. I hope this is the year that Wild Bill and his son build a strong relationship. I told you, for some reason I’m emotionally invested in this one and yeah maybe I did cry at the end of How I Met Your Mother. Dammit.

Good Night