Watching Tiger destroy the competition in the 1997 Masters was the beginning of a love affair for me. I don’t know who I was with but I know we were bowling at the Cloud Peak Lanes in Sheridan. As we bowled my eyes were locked on the televisions. Here was a different kind of golfer, an athlete. I loved the game before I watched this but I loved the competition part of it after watching it. I thought to myself, “I could do that…” I would have no idea how hard it would be. As my dream of being a PGA Tour player has come and gone and dreams have been altered. The love of tournament play lives on. The love of competition. My new golf dreams have yet to play themselves out but I continue to prepare. This year? Perhaps, but what I’ve realized and I think we all do at some point, is that it’s not what comes at the end but it’s the path you walk upon right now. The journey.

I can’t wait to see what this Masters holds.