The beginning of baseball season reminds me of a story from last year. You ever see someone do something and think to yourself ,” that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. That could never happen to me.” As I get older, I’m realizing that people do dumb stuff sometimes because of diminishing brain function. It’s called age people!

While running behind last year one morning, I stopped at a 7-eleven to get gas. I left the house in a hurry and didn’t make coffee, so I thought to myself, “ooh, I’ll just go in here and get a cup.” So, as my gas was pumping I walked in and got a big coffee and doughnut, As, I was walking into the store I noticed a gentleman pumping gas into a blacked out Mercedes. I was standing inside waiting to pay when I realized who this was. Sergio Romo, closer for the SF Giants. I’m not a huge fan of autographs or anything like that but the guy I worked with is a Giants fan, so I figured I’ll just take a discreet pic on my phone and have a neat story for work later that day. I got back to my car and he was still at the pump. I got my phone ready. The plan was to just swing around to the other side where I could see him and snap a quick picture and pull away. It was kind of exciting, like being a spy or a paparazzi.  I positioned my phone and went to pull away. Then I heard something I’ve never heard before. There was a weird metalic noise then a big thunk. Oh my God, I realized what I did. Did you guess it? I pulled away with the gas pump handle still in my car… I jumped out to some clapping. The guy behind me said, “that’s awesome! I’ve never seen that! ahahaha!” Sergio Romo peeks around the corner and says, “damn bro…” Another guy was just in his car laughing, I noticed all of them even though it was less than 5 seconds for me to jump out, put the handle away, gas cap on and back in the car. More dumb feeling came over me as I quickly realized that this was NOT Sergio Romo. Why would he be wearing a Giants cap on a day off? Further more, The Giants were in Arizona, I watched them play game two of three the previous night. What an idiot!! Just a fun story to lighten the day.

I’ve been crazy busy lately with school, work, husband duties, future father duties, golf  and commuting. My writing has suffered but I will do more as things slow down a little towards the summer. I noticed today that when things get really crazy I need to slow down for a minute and do what makes me feel good. I’ve neglected the weight room this week, my blog has suffered and other stuff that keeps me going has been lost at the wayside. Even at the busiest of times, we have to make time for the things we love.