I paid my annual US Open qualifying fee today. This is the first year that I can remember that I am actually confident in myself. I’ve hit thousands of balls in the last few months. I’ve had some horrible rounds of golf but I’ve taken things from them, learned and had some amazing epiphanies . Some one asked me once why I continue to pursue this dream? They said it seems impossible and seems break you into pieces when you fail. “Thanks.”


I sign up for this event because I love the game. I love the fact that you can play great for a month and play in the National Championship. I can’t play in the Super Bowl. I can’t shoot at the NBA allstar game. I’ll never participate in an Olympics. I can play 3 great rounds of golf and play in the US Open on the PGA Tour, the greatest golf tournament on the planet! May 12th is my local qualifying date. I’ve never  made it past locals but this is the year.

I can’t wait for the starter to announce my name. My hand shakes a bit as I tee my ball. My stomach turns as I go through my routine. A last breath and the ball leaves my club. Prepare and let it go.


http://www.usga.org for more info on the US Open!