I went to lunch the other day at Chipotle. I always grab a few extra forks and spoons for my shop’s supplies. I stopped at my car door and realized, “is this stealing?” I’ve been borrowing plastic wear from this place for the last couple years, at least 3 times a month. If I’ve taken 5 pieces of plastic 3 times a month for 3 years, that’s 540 forks and spoons. I looked it up and you can get a 100 count box for 5 to 7 dollars. Estimated that I’ve taken 5.4 boxes of tools from them, that’s $37.80 I owe Chipotle. I sat in my car for a minute and contemplated this crime. Small and meaningless in the grand scheme of their business plan. For some odd reason; I feel bad. Then something hit me and I drove away, feeling fine.

You see, if this is now my biggest moral conundrum in life, I’ve come a long way. Years and years ago I used to come up with crazy ass schemes to just get by and sometimes laws and rules were broken. Life has and continues to improve every single day.

Ps. If you work for Chipotle, please don’t press charges. LOL