One of the benefits to the internet is being able to communicate and “keep in touch” with friends, new and old. What did we do before? We just lost touch. We lost friends, never to see each other again. We kept up on other people through rumor and family gossip. I was driving home the other day and as often is I have a lot of time to think. The question that I raised in my own brain was what’s healthier? In the Ole days, we moved on with our lives. We made new friends, that is if you moved away from your familiar community. Now, we keep in contact with everyone (everyone that is online anyway). I know what everyone is up too. It’s the same as the old days, learning what’s going on through gossip, the difference  is now the gossip comes straight from the source. Anyways, something hit me and it’s been bugging me a bit. I have 458 Facebook friends. I know all of you and in someway you’ve been involved in my  life. I estimate that there are at least 350 of you that I will never see in person again…in my lifetime. Maybe this statistic is off but I bet it’s close. Is it depressing or just a “norm” of today’s society?

I don’t know what this post means or what the right answer is. Less technology? More technology? I don’t pretend to know.