Saying ,”I’m flattered” is funny. It’s funny becaused flattery is a funny word. Say it to yourself. Say it again. Slow motion. In a different tone. There are many words in english that are fun to say but this is one of my favorites. I honestly have not got to say this very often in my history but recently it’s been abundant. The most recent event came the other night on the phone with my nephew Craig. He is getting married this winter and asked me to be the officiant at his wedding. This is the ultimate in flattery. Is it the melodic tones of my voice? Is it that I’ve known Craig his entire life? Is it that they know I will do my very best? Is it that I am cheap? All are probably true but the fact is that it doesn’t really matter. When you are truly flattered by someone, you don’t need a reason. I could not say no to this offer, so I have already started thinking about the words that I will use on that special day. If you are sitting there thinking it, the answer is “NO, I’m not going to cry at the wedding.” Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Happy Saturday non-Saturday working class!!