You ever think of something and wonder to yourself, “Is that an original thought or idea?” I really don’t think there are any original ideas left in the world, just variations and improvements on old ones. When I was a young man, I used to love to dip my french fries in my Wendy’s frosty. I swear I was the first but nope. That concept was shot down during one of my very first social media posts. So many people posted saying that they loved to do that too and it made me critical about the way my brain functions in the case of originality. I used to think that my sister invented the double-decker taco but I just heard that there was a restaurant here that was doing it as early as the 1950s.

I really want to expand my readership on this blog but I fear that my thoughts are not original. I also know that most successful artists are hyper critical of themselves, dichotomy again! A popular bay area journalist, that I respect, told me (via Twitter) the other day that I should write about what I care about and that’s the only thing that works. I agree, so I will keep writing and see if this online journal takes some kind of shape. I fear it will remain detached and a little bit random from time to time. Example: I was standing in my underwear at 4:30 this morning making coffee. The morning process of the brain can be a little slow and I sat there for an extended period of time wondering, “when was the last time we bought coffee filters? How do they last forever? It’s going to be a real surprise next time we run out…lol…”

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!