Buzzword of the year, “LEGACY.” What does it mean? Why this year Billy? Just a couple questions you may be thinking. I think of legacy as being remnants of a life spent, a life lived. It seems simple but can be very muddy and complicated if you let it. I’ve been pondering this for a while and as I was watching the show ,”The Night That Changed America,” last night, it came to me. I’ve always been under the impression that one’s Legacy is what everyone else in society thinks about you. At it’s very essence, it’s what they will say when your gone. I watched as McCartney and Starr were honored by a wide array of musicians and lives. Everyone thinks they are great, that is the basic of their legacy. At the very end of the show, they played their music and I realized that we really have nothing to do with their legacy. It was their hard-work, dedication, desire to be the best that has endured time. Peyton Manning got his ass handed to him in the Super Bowl but everyone said his legacy is well in tact. He was a gentleman, a sportsman and gracious in defeat. He is a role model about how a man should conduct himself. This is what we think but this is not his legacy. It is the fact that he has chosen this path of how to walk it that sets him aside from others.  What I’m circling around to is that it is not the fact that you do something great that makes a life history into a legacy. It’s how you do it. It’s the fact that you don’t do things just to appease the masses. You live your life purposefully and you will find your legacy. You may not be the most famous person, you may only have a few close knit friends but what will they say about you when your gone? You can create your legacy.

This year my mom turns 75 years old. Toni Grant’s unique legacy is well in tact. As I’m bombarded by all of these people’s life stories, I can’t help to think about mine….To Be Continued…

I promise a fun story in the next post;-)