Never on Sunday do I write. I rest. However my homework is done and I’m sitting home alone watching the rather uncompetitive golf tournament at Pebble Beach. Go Jimmy Walker!

I just wanted to write real quick to make record of the party we had last night. This month my mother and father in-laws both turned 50 years old. This year they also celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. These are huge accomplishments in life. To honor their parents, my wife and her sister Rachel, decided to throw a surprise party. I really had nothing to do with the planning, other than just hired muscle to carry stuff and take out the trash. I was more spectator than anything. I’ve known for a while but it was confirmed last night. Steve and Carolyn Munson are among the most loved people I’ve ever met. Friends and family from all over the bay area showed up to help us celebrate this love. I was blown away by the positivity and in awe of how many great stories everyone had. I found myself thinking, I wonder who will show up for my 50th party? The good news is that it is a ways away at this point but as Steve told me last night, “the time has passed so quickly, I still think I’m still in my 30s…” I am impressed and I hate using the cliche word “inspired” but I am completely inspired by their lives. I feel lucky this morning that I found my way into this family. (more possible stories from this night at a later date…)

Happy Sunday Everyone!