I try really hard not to hold material goods up on a pedestal. You will never hear me utter the words, “my new phone changed my life.” That being said I am not naive and understand that there are certain things we have access to in this country that improve our lives. For example: many of you know (via FB) I had to get glasses. Some people cringe at the thought of taking on a new role as a “four eye.” I am loving it. I guess I didn’t realize how jacked up my eyes really were. I can see better. I don’t get headaches from straining. I actually hit the golf ball better. I can read street signs, making the world a safer place. This is not the game changer I’m alluding to though. Last year I had to buy a suit. If you know me at all, you understand how painful this process is. Not only do I loath shopping in general but I’ve made it a mission statement to never be a man who has to wear a suit to work or play on a regular basis, having always been a jeans and tee-shirt kind of guy. However, we were going to a wedding (the first of many) and I needed to look sharp for the occasion. We went to a store and bought a suit with real money. I’ve worn it half a dozen times since and dammit, it looks good. I will put on that suit again tonight for a fun time but this is not the life changer I speak of either.

As a man gets older there are certain things that happen to his body. If you are an athletic type, you may have some joint pain issues. Perhaps you have a bad shoulder or hips and you need a physical therapist. You may run into some serious health problems that require doctor visits. You may need to see a therapist for some help emotionally and work on mental health. You may need financial counselling to get your self in order for the future. You may need a career consoler to help guide you down a different path. You may even need a blog to act as a journal, in order to help promote that new mental health. You may need friends and family to lean on when times get tough. All of these things have played or are certain to play out in my life. None of the tools given to help fix or mend these issues are what I’m writing about either.

Body hair. It has always been an issue in my life. On October 26, 1976, my parents gave birth to a monkey. When this monkey gets older he will never need a sweater as he is wearing one 24/7. Over time I’ve learned to deal with body hair. Through a process of maintenance, practice and really not giving a fuck anymore, I’m over it. Recently there has been a new development in the hair scheme against me. Nose, eyebrows and ear hair have become the unstoppable rebel force taking over my face. A couple of years ago I decided to grow a beard. It is a handsome beard and I love it. Trimming and grooming it is not a problem. As I’ve been paying more attention to my face, I’ve watched these outlier hairs become issue. I pluck one and the next day the rest of the hair army is there, ready to tangle. My wife wants to help me pluck and trim but it tickles and is so awkward I want to punch her face. We don’t hit women, do we guys? Last night, I was at Target and I purchased an item. I got home and put a AA battery in and started trimming. I squealed in delight as the hairs just got dominated by the micro blades. I have an ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer now. A product that will certainly change the way I go about my business and lead to a brighter future or at least help me vanquish this demonic force!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!