Hero is a term that is thrown about and can eventually  lose meaning if we’re not careful. I just Tweeted a quoted by one of my heroes, Rodney Mullen. Rodney is an innovator in street skating. His freestyle flat land tricks are the back bone of modern skating. I haven’t been on a skate deck in over ten years, so some would say he is a childhood hero.  However, it’s not skateboarding that makes Rodney a hero of mine. He has overcome obstacles in his life and has become a very good public speaker and tried to use his experiences to inspire and make the world a better place!!

Dave Grohl has become a hero from the ashes of the my favorite childhood band, Nirvana. You see, I was a huge fan. They came along at a perfect time in my life. I was a closet pissed off teen, not a lot of people knew that. Listening to that music helped sooth my soul, so I didn’t damage any faces. I’ll never forget the day Kurt took his own life, a part of “us” died. When Dave started Foo Fighters, not that much later, I hated it. How dare this fuck start this pop band and smear the legacy of Nirvana?!?! I stopped and didn’t listen for a long time. I considered him a sell out, I didn’t understand this word. When I started dating my wife I found out she was a fan of Foo and I didn’t like it. One year her parents got us tickets to a show and by the end I was hooked. The live performance is fucking awesome, for lack of better terms. This year, we went to see his documentary “Sound City,” and I realized this guy is a hero. If you’re a fan of music at all, MUST SEE. When I was younger, I didn’t realize why Dave would start a new band. He just wanted to play music. He didn’t “sell out,” he moved on. And the motherfucker plays hard, rocks, innovates and inspires. He unapologeticly goes about his business and that is Punk fucking Rock!

Heroes aren’t just soldiers and parents. They are real. These are just two of mine. There are plenty of people on my “friends” list that are also on my hero list. Most of you are younger than me, so you don’t get public record yet;-) The biggest similarity between all of you is the fact that like Dave, you do what you do. Some of you are becoming very accomplished simply doing what you love. At times you’ve fallen far but always gotten up. Thank You.