Tragedy is not the word. Phillip Seymor Hoffman overdosing is not a surprise. Addiction, if not controlled, has two results. 1. Prison. 2. Dying way too early. If you are addicted, you have no choice. You are chemically bound to get a fix, it never ends. People say that it’s your choice to get help. That’s a half truth. Sure, it physically takes you getting yourself to a rehab facility and staying. But the misunderstanding comes when you give someone a choice between their addiction and you. An addict will choose the drugs every time. They can’t help it, there is no choice. Example: put something in your right hand, anything. Your phone, your car keys, a golf club. Now I’m going to take it from you. But here’s the kicker; in your mind you truly believe that if I take it from you, you will die. Will you not fight to keep it? Will you not lie to hide it? You will do what you have to in order to survive? Even if what’s in your hand is poison. I hear ,”I don’t understand why he couldn’t quit…” I hear these kinds of statements everywhere. The truth is if you say something like this, you truly don’t understand addiction. If you know someone who needs help, there not going to get it without you.

Why I titled this “and Me.” I came very close to going down this dark road. My twenties are foggy and vague but I would say the only difference between Mr. Hoffman and me (besides an award-winning career), is the fact that I never tried heroin or meth. I feel very lucky that in one of those crazy foggy nights that I wasn’t offered. I could have easily traveled that path.

Next post won’t be so heavy. I promise.