The question gets thrown in my general direction at least a few times a month and probably does yours too. What do you do? This can be narrowed down to what you do for a living, what you do for fun, what you do in the privacy of your own home or the all encompassing who are you? If you’ve read any of my stuff at all, hopefully you’ve realized that my search for who I am has been a life project and I’ve broken up my history into several parts.

The early childhood years were a search to belong, as my mother became a single parent and had to work a lot to provide necessity for us, I was passed about like a baton in a race. I spent a majority of my time with my grandparents. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. My grandmother taught me how to love and be kind, even when you had issues with someone (like she did with Gramps…). My grandfather taught me how to survive and use my hands. If shit goes down and we have to retreat to the mountains, it’s because of him my family will survive.

Fast forward to now. There is too much to cover in the teenage, twenties and thirties this morning, I don’t have time. And if you’ve read any previous posts, I’ve hit those times a couple of times and don’t want to repeat and bore you. What am I now?

Here goes: I am a professional golfer that works as a golf professional. I don’t teach golf anymore, I fit people for golf clubs. I’m not a member of the PGA and don’t want to be, taking the Butch Harmon approach to that one. I play professionally only a couple of times a year. I never made it to any tour of substance but have been close, I’ve been on the verge of success for a long time. What holds me back? A big topic of this blog. I’ve recently gone back to school, so yes, I am working full-time, going to school full-time and I commute over an hour one way to my job, I am insane. My new schedule and habits are to leave my house around 5:45 am to beat the bad SF traffic, I get to work super early but that means I can hone my skill at our practice facility, I had an amazing morning today. I also stay late and go to a local gym, again to miss heavy traffic and also work on my fitness, so delicious. On days I do to school, Monday and Wednesday. I go all day with my first class at 9 am and last one ending at 9 pm. I have gaps in my schedule that allow me to do homework, practice again and go to the gym. I am going to school to become a special education teacher. I have a passion for being an advocate for kids with disabilities, I think they are amazing people. I have a long way to go in school but I have an incredible support system, mostly my wife. Oh yeah, I also function as a husband and head chef of household. 

Does it answer the question of who I am? Close but oh so far. Stand by for more from my brain and thanks for reading.