I’ve neglected this blog for over a year now. I’ve gathered new material and I’m ready to word vomit on this screen. I’ve been ready for sometime. So what’s the problem?!? I’ve come up with a brief writing block explanation. Writing for me is like my junior high love life. I have so much to say but have a hard time getting out of my brain. I care about people way too much and care way too much what people think about me. So, I sit down and write sappy poems and stories and usually end up deleting everything. You see, like my junior high days, I would write love sonnets and thoughtful notes to the girl that I couldn’t get out of my head. A majority of the time they would find their way into our fireplace. One time, maybe two, I let it loose and delivered the romance. It ended up being shared and passed amongst the ladies of the 7th grade. Embarrassment and ridicule were mine, to have and hold.

It’s a new day however. My life has never been better. The crazy thing is that in the last year or so crazy shit has happened. My car got stolen over Christmas and my identity was thieved. Although these kinds of bad things have happened, with the help of my unbelievable wife, we’ve taken care of it. Moved on from it. All grown up. This blog is important to me and my well being. So I’m going to write and risk ridicule. So if you want, stand outside the bus with your friends reading and laughing at my heart on this page because I don’t care, I will always be a hopeless romancer. Huh honey?