Guess who’s back? Well, if you are reading this and you don’t know the answer, slap yourself and then read on. I’ve taken a long break from the blog world and I believe that I am ready to make a “Seabiscuit” type return to glory. In this break I’ve done quite a bit but the biggest step forward is going back to school. If you are a Facebook friend or Twitter follower you already know this. I would like to say that I love my job. I love working with people (I’ve worked with billionaires to college players. CEOs and FNGs) and when someone gets excited about new golf equipment and it helping them play better I am a happy employee. I look further down the line however. I unfortunately don’t see myself doing this job forever. While making lists of possible employment and endeavors; I came up with one constant. I must go to school, damn my brother for being right. I have decided to go to Diablo Valley College and major in Special Education. I am going to work with children that have disabilities. If I am in a classroom or some other private care facility I will make a difference in these kids’ lives. I’ve been in school for two weeks now and am off to a good start. I am reading a lot (that’s what freshmen do). I initially thought I would be overwhelmed by the workload but so far it’s the opposite, I’m excited.

So, here’s the challenge and the difficult thing I’ve been dealing with and mulling over hard. I have a new busy schedule with working full-time and schooling full-time. How do I fit in the other stuff that I truly love? When do I tee it up? When to go to the gym? How do I watch football? Will my fantasy team suffer? I’ve always been a very laid back guy with kind of relaxed lifestyle and now I entering the opposite while heading into my late thirties. I can do it. I know this. I’m going to keep blogging as I go. Once again, it provides me with an outlet and also inspires. I’ve also become a Twitter addict, follow me @pgabilly. You can also follow my antics on Facebook,

One of the awesome things about going back to school is listening to the 18-20 year olds and wondering if I was ever that dumb? Within the first ten minutes of my first class the teacher asks,” What is geology?” crickets…. So I do the excited adult student thing and answer. “Good,” the teacher says, “What else?” Then it came from somewhere behind me, “Plants!? Is it plants?!” I know this is a Junior college and you get some points for participation but I wonder if there is a negative point program? I’ll keep you updated and welcome back to my world!! It’s good to be back.