In spring of 1996 I left high school with a diploma. It wasn’t easy. I went to the very last day of classes with the lingering question if I would walk. I did it. I didn’t know it at the time but from that day on, nothing would be easy for me.

Fast forward to today, not boring you with 16 years of detail on this one. I received a letter from the U.S.G.A. yesterday that served as a suspension from competition for me. Last year’s local U.S. Open qualifier was a nightmare and I posted one of the highest scores in my playing history. If you shoot over a certain number, 8 strokes over course rating, they can suspend you pending further review. I have to write them a letter and include tournament scores from the last two years. I have only played a couple events in the last couple years, so it will probably not be enough. I will include my Doctor diagnosis of acute shoulder tendinitis, which has been treated and is gone. We will have to wait and see. I look forward to that qualifier every year and it is a lifelong dream to play in the U.S. Open. Perhaps it’s time to wake up or maybe this is “rock bottom” for my game. In my personal life I hit the bottom hard before things started to get better and life has never been so good for me. Hopefully with hard work and determination, cliche I know, I will come back better than ever.

I’ve made the decision to join the PGA apprentice program. I made this decision over 10 years ago and just never followed through. I am finally financially stable enough to handle the costs and time that go along with it. A couple years ago, I took their playing test as suggested by my boss at the time and passed it with ease. You have two years to enroll after passing, I called to enroll exactly two years and a day after my pass date. I have to take another, timing has never been my thing. I am going to do the program and blow through it. I’ve been in the business so long that I could have written the curriculum. I look forward to the day I can step on a tee box and a PGA Professional.