One thing that gets me going is a business professional, in this case a Director of Golf, that thinks he is the chosen one or at least has no interpersonal skills. So, like I said yesterday, I’m playing in an 18 hole event that’s being held at a local private club. I called to get a practice round and first was put on hold for about 15 minutes. When the D.O.G. got to my call he asked the obvious questions: are you a PGA pro or Apprentice professional in the NorCal section? I said, “no, I’m a unaffiliated professional that happens to work in your section. But how does that affect a practice round for this event, as probably 90% of the field are not PGAs, but are playing professionals, mostly minitour pros.” He says, “if you were a PGA from the NorCal section I might be able to help you out.” I come back with, “I work with a PGA pro, can I have him out and I’ll be his guest?” “No, doesn’t work that way.” “Well, how do I get a practice round then?” “It’s tricky.Are you a member at a club?” “No,” I said, at this point pretty f@#king irritated. “You will have to come as a guest of a member or reciprocal guest through another club.” “I don’t know any members, can you put me in touch with any?” “I can’t give out membership info.” So I say, “why are you hosting this event?” A long pause. “I’m sorry I can’t help you more.” And he hangs up the phone, well he thought he hung up the phone. He must have hit the speaker button because I heard him have a conversation with one of his bitch assistants. “I don’t know why these idiots want a practice round.” “It’s not like any of them are going to actually qualify for the event.”

I will be talking to the Section about this treatment. I know and have worked with many PGA Professionals in my life and have never been subject to anything like this.

My blood boils and I have never wanted anything so bad. Why is it I get more motivation from people that say I can’t do something rather than from people that lend positive support? I had a high school basketball coach that used to tap into this. Before every game, usually right before tip, he would tell me something that “he heard the other team’s coach say about me.” Like, “their big man is a skinny 6 footer, should be able to take advantage of that pussy.” This usually led to a quick foul and me sitting for a few minutes to calm down a little but I understood the strategic motivation. As an adult I can use this with a little more tact.

“You can’t see that flag as some dragon you got to slay… You got to look with soft eyes… See the place where the tides and the seasons and the turnin’ of the Earth, all come together… where everything that is, becomes one… You got to seek that place with your soul…”

Thanks for the motivation motherf@#ker!