A resounding “hello” to the world. I’m back at the blog. I’m back and hopefully better than ever. As I type, I am still distracted by this ring on my finger. I wonder if, eventually, you don’t notice the feeling of it anymore. I hope not, seems like the commitment should never be forgotten.

The wedding heard round the world. We had a medium size wedding with 90ish guests. I’m still not sure how many were actually there. Our ceremony went off without a hitch. Besides the wind blowing and being a little chilly, I guess that’s the risk you take with a oceanside ceremony in Northern California. There was a big cross-section of our lives represented, amazing that so many traveled far to be there. There were a couple of people missing that we both were truly disappointed didn’t make it. Oh well. The ceremony was beautiful, highlighted with amazing music and touching vows. It will not be forgotten. The reception was as fun as it gets with amazing food and a nice selection of spirits. Everyone that I know that has been married for more than a day told me,” you won’t believe how fast it goes…” That’s no joke. I have a hard time with time flying by. We’ve been married over a month now. I will share some photos as soon as we receive them.

The honeymoon was the best trip I’ve ever been on. Some might say it’s my favorite vacation spot. The Dominican Republic is a place of relaxation with beautiful beaches, tasty rum and great cigars. The details of this trip  will stay between us but if you want to know anything or you are thinking about going there, I would be happy to talk.

I’m back to the grind but with a renewed vigor. Before the wedding I went through 4 weeks of physical therapy to help the tendonitis in my shoulder. I’ve never been impressed with or desired western medicine but have a new appreciation for PT. I am pain-free for the first time in years. The lesson is, “if it’s broke, fix it.”

More good news: I played golf today. Not only played but did not card a bogey or an over par hole. It’s the first bogey free round in…well, I don’t know how long it’s been. I’m driving the ball well and doing everything else even better. (that video I posted on Facebook was a 3rd shot on a par 5) I played with some guy that thought he was way better than reality. That was the 3rd bunker shot I got up and in for birdie on the 5’s. He said, ” getting lucky on those bunker shots.” When I holed out a little sand shot  for par on the 16th hole (4 for 4 bunker saves), I looked over and said, ” lucky huh?”  I shot 5 under par, all be it on a very easy and short golf course, but a good score none the less. I’m reminded of the saying, “when you are good you tell everyone, when you’re great, They tell you…” I kept to myself most of the day…