When I arrived at the range today I really didn’t have too many expectations. I just go to the range to stay sharp, I havn’t touched a golf course very much this year. With the combination of moving somewhere strange (no regular games here), my shoulder pain and wedding planning, golf has taken a back seat to life. I still hit the range regularly to maintain. I usually don’t have a problem and have tour player practice but today had something completely different in store for me. It sucked as every ball I struck fought me. The draw sliced and the fade hooked. Distance control was completely weird. All and all an out of body experience, won’t stop me though. I’m going to play in a couple tournaments in September, possibly October. This game has given me some of the greatest moments in my life and broken me to pieces a few times. I’m going to work as hard as I can and try to make a push towards excellence, I think I’ve still got some gas in the tank. I’ve learned how to deal with the downs better and I think this will benefit me.  So I must go to work and find the swing that has evaded me for a few years. It will show itself, I’m sure.