In our country winners to too often defined by trophies and championships. I think sometime we need to take a look at the guy that doesn’t win and learn lessons of our own in his/her defeat. This morning Adam Scott blew his chance at winning his first, extremely overdue, major. It wasn’t just a blow up, it was a heart wrenching train wreck. Not quite the blown Masters of Rory Mcilroy in 2011 or Jean Van De Velde at the Open in 1999 . The lesson is learned after the mess, when the dust clears. Instead of pouting or throwing a fit, Adam stood in front of the cameras and did interviews. Shame on media for asking the same dumb-ass question of the loser every year, “how are you feeling?” Are you kidding me? I think that one could have stayed behind her lips. Adam Scott was supposed to be the heir to the thrown. He is everything a star should be, young, charismatic and plenty of game to back it up. He has not had that major success and he had just blown perhaps his best chance of his career to win such a precious Jug. Instead of self defeat, he congratulated his friend and was gracious in the loss, perhaps spring boarding forward to major victory (one left on the table this year). A fantastic lesson of losing, every child should be taught this skill along with how to celebrate victories. There’s an old saying about falling down, “it’s how you get back up.” I wasn’t much of an Adam Scott fan before today but I must say he has earned my respect.