A real quick post today about social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc… Myspace?lol). I literally have something to say about every single post on my accounts. I have 464 “friends” right now (I know every one of you, I think) and that’s a lot of opinion about your quotes, so I keep mostly to myself.  I’m not sure a whole lot of thought goes into your on line rants and funnies. Some of you are living awesome lives and that’s great, but I’m not sure when you post “going on an amazing month long vacation with my unbelievable family (not a real post),” if you are really that happy that you want to share with your on line “friends” or if you are just “LB” showboating. (LB would refer to Lebron James holding the basketball and now championship trophy in Kevin Garnett’s face) This would fall under the don’t need to know every detail of your fantastic life. I’m not saying stop but think. Then there is the antithesis of this, when friends post very upsetting news about there lives and I need to lead the campaign to get rid of “FML.” If you have genuine problems I’m not sure the “Book” is where to find help and “outing” people that have hurt or mentally scarred you in some way, probably not a great solution either. When something is “sent” or “posted” on line it never goes away, forever captured in cyberspace.  My new slogan is “Think Before you Post.” Last are the funny people, keep it coming. The world needs more laughter, just don’t quit your jobs because your probably not really that funny. Good Night everybody, I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your server!