The dream of playing golf for a living has always been at the fingertips. Just close enough to smell the fresh cut and rolled greens. When I close my eyes, I can see the crowds. I can squint tight and peer down the fairway. I feel the club go back effortlessly, without gravity. My hands are firm on the club but soft and pure. The club-head moves through the zone in the blink of an eye, there is a feeling that cannot be explained at center impact. The ball shapes through the sky, exactly planned. A slight grin and peaceful walk to the next adventure. The past behind me, life experience carrys me. I can feel the presence of people lost, their pride. I speak of them often. Arriving at the next shot, the process restarts. Score doesn’t matter, process and execute. The number will just happen. This “first tour shot” moment is in my “blue sky.”

How do you hit a wedge 100 yards and then hit it 106 on the next shot? I get asked this constantly. My answer is always the same. How much do you practice hitting your wedges different yardages? It’s as simple as throwing a baseball. When a grounder is rifled to you at third and you have to come up firing to first, you don’t think about how hard you need to throw it, it just feels right. I’ll softly toss a golf ball to a child and have them toss it back, “How did you know how hard to throw that?” I ask. Feel and Practice.  When you hit thousands of golf balls a year, you know how to feel it to 106. Another problem is that you could be gripping the club to tight and trying to steer the ball to your target, that brings in tension. Grip tension is a distance killer, the more resistance you provide in your hands the slower the club-head will move. Just grip it tight enough so the club doesn’t fly. My practice tip of the day for hitting better short irons is, “get accurate yardage readings at the range you hit balls at using a Bushnell range finder or borrowing one from someone else. The yardages that are provided on the range tees are probably not accurate. Hit all your short clubs and figure out how far each one goes. That’s basic and fundamental. Now find the 100 yard green and hit every iron in the bag to that green. How do you hit 5 iron 100 yards? Figure it out…that’s how you develop feel.”

Golf is what I know, I think I will add a “tip” every once in a while. If you look/read hard enough, you can extrapolate life lessons from this great game. 

-Hope this helps a little Mr. Hamilton:-)