Therapy for some is literally sitting on a couch and telling someone their problems. You end up solving your own issues by suggestion of a professional or medicating the part of your brain causing the problem. I’ve been there, I know. Some of the most important moments in my life happened in therapy sessions. Somehow I missed some development of crucial tools in order to survive and be a productive member of our complex society. I get it now, better late… I’ve also come to realize that therapy extends from the couch to the real world, you just have to pay attention. I think most of the problem with unhealthy people is ‘outlets.” How you choose to spend your downtime, the time away from friends, family and job. Some have healthy outlets and some don’t. It really is that easy. In my short life, I have rode a roller coaster of “outlets.” An old habit (i’ve somewhat kicked but still creeps it’s nasty little head in) is sitting around mentally bombarding myself with doubt and self-abuse. Like “Golem”, he never really goes away. I combat this with goals and positivity. When you set goals and accomplish them, you kill a little bit of that negative voice. Amazingly, goal setting is new to me. I know there are some chemistry issues in my brain and often wonder if this truly is where “mind over matter” makes it’s biggest stand. I’ve defiantly become a student of developing good habits and seeing positive results. Another weapon against the “evil place” is surrounding your self with happy people. Positivity is easier accomplished in numbers. This I struggle with. When I lived in Arizona, it took me the better part of 10 years to have what some would consider “best friends,” and then we move. Part of the purpose of this blog was therapeutic, to be able to get the load off my shoulders. Through that process I have reconnected with some old friends and other folks that I didn’t know that well in the first place. Leave it to technology and social media, two things I conflict with, to help me live a happier life. Anyway, I know I will make new friends here eventually.

If you are not happy with your life, don’t just sit there. Go get help. Sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes to see what’s happening with you. You should never feel powerless or weak because you sought help either. Like me, you may just need a nudge in the right direction.

I’m thinking about working for or starting my own foundation for people living with depression and addiction. I’ve lived through both and seen it destroy people and try to destroy me. They need to understand it’s not them against the rest of the world, there are people that understand and want to help.

This is my therapy by the way, this and ripping 300 yard drives and making unbelievable short game shots around the greens. If I keep doing both, I can’t go wrong…