Casey Martin looks like he’s going to make the cut at the US Open. Casey is famous for suing the PGA Tour to use a golf cart in competition years ago. He has a degenerative circulatory disease that affects one of his legs. He has dealt with this his entire life and still amputation is a possibility. Casey took his case all the way to the United States supreme Court. He won. He was only on the tour for a blink of an eye and the last time the Open was played at Olympic he made the cut and finished in the Top 25. He is a very talented player but even the use of the golf cart did not aid him enough to keep him on tour. He is now the head coach for the Oregon Duck golf team and a leader of young men.

I remember this case well and I remember some of the awful things that were said about him. “Not fair to the other players.” There were others that criticized Casey as a person, citing misuse of legal proceedings and the court system. “Waste of tax payer money.” “Not worth the effort.”

Casey qualified for this Open like everyone else. The rigorous 36 hole sectional came down to one 4 foot putt, in which he holed to make it. He earned his spot.

So this issue was brought up between my Mother and I and she agreed with some analysts that say he should not be allowed use of the cart, “even though he seems like a nice young man.” I asked her this, “What if it were me? I grew up with a dream to play on tour, put in the practice, had all the game and qualified to be there. I’ve held my head high and operated with up most professionalism.  Then they told me I couldn’t take my cart. I can’t play without it because of my handicap. Do I just quit? Give up my dream? Or do I push and fight to play? Do whatever I can to get out there? Does that make me a bad person? Does that warrant the horrible things people say about me? I don’t think so.” Mom sat in silence, not liking to be challenged. I wonder where I get my hard-headedness…that’s a different chapter.

Anyway, what I am getting to is stop judging people you don’t know. Everyone does it and it’s disgusting. I’m so sick of hearing and reading online crap about other folks (dumbass Facebook posts, you’re not funny). It’s in Pop culture, it’s in Political News (the worst), it happens everywhere and all the time. I get sick to my stomach during election years because people say I am stupid because of my political ideals (I thought that’s what made this country great?! guess we’re not that great?!)  I’m not saying I’m not a little  guilty or immune but as I get older, I start to understand that I don’t want people saying bad things about me. So use that Golden Rule, think back to what Thumper said in Bambi. If you don’t know, Google it.