The golf course looks amazing and bares it’s teeth at every turn. It is a beast and while watching you start to realize why nobody has broken par for 72 holes in a US Open contested at Olympic.

Things I’m impressed with: the 14 year old in the field, Andy Zang. He was 8 over par through his first 5 holes and looked like he might shoot 100. He stomached it and birdied one coming in to break 80, firing a 79. He’s 14. When I was 14, I had the intestinal fortitude of a kiwi fruit. I’ll bet he plays better tommorrow.

Tiger Woods. I think we’ve forgotten how good this man was and how good he can still be. He won at Memorial 2 weeks ago making grown men looked like shitty amateurs and he did it again today. Bubba (current Masters champ) and Phil looked lost and on a different wave length. I heard Darren Clark say one time,” these kids today didn’t get to see Tiger at his best, they have no idea,” perhaps they are getting a glimpse of what was… and still might be.

I’m sitting in my office watching the wind blow, seems like it blows everyday here. I would like to go out after work and hit some golf balls to see if I can get the fire started and blood flowing again. I need inspiration, so I watch. I watch these majestic golf swings get beat down. There are flashes of greatness and hole outs are happening but the Mighty OC is winning. I sit here and wonder, could I?