Tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m. Pacific time, the first shots will be struck at the Olympic Club in the playing of the 2012 US Open. About six months ago, I set out to make it there. I failed to qualify for the tenth time (estimation). Not only did I fail to qualify but I shot one of the biggest scores in my competitive career at Pasetiempo GC. Utterly embarrassed and genuinely angered I put the clubs in the trunk, for good.

I have quit writing too.

In the last couple days, I have gotten random messages from different friends and colleagues reminding me of my talent and assuring me that failure isn’t forever. I love Golf and I love writing. I don’t know if anyone has ever enjoyed watching me play or even enjoyed reading this blog. However, it makes me feel good and for whatever reason inspires me to continue.

There are 366 days until the next US Open. Can I go from the bottom, to our National Championship? Can I find my swing? What will life throw at us? Where will I find inspiration? So many questions will be answered on this journey and I am going to document the whole adventure.

Go back and read my other posts; there will probably be some repetition moving forward as I recount some crazy events in the my past life.