DAY 114:

I had an extremely productive day. I worked a half day and spent the other half of the day on myself. I started by doing some light shopping, for clothing. This is a terrifying act for me. It’s not that I don’t like clothes. It’s not that I don’t enjoy people. It’s really not even the search for the perfect fit or look. I am terrified of spending money. I’m really not sure where this new phobia comes from. Perhaps I’m scared of being broke but if that were the case I would be scared all the time. Maybe I’m afraid of ending up using my car as a house, again. The truth is we are pretty damn stable right now and I had a few extra bucks to spend on myself today. I didn’t go crazy but when it came to sliding the plastic I got a little tingle in the belly.

After the shop until I almost dropped, I hit the range. I received my new wedges from UPS today and couldn’t wait to get outside and try them out. They are awesome, as I assumed they would be. I’m slowly making strides in my golf swing. I really got excited today. I had full control, distance and direction. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in the 70’s here. Well, with new vigor I’m off to the gym for a light workout. The ebbs and flows of daily life, huh, isn’t it crazy?