DAY 112:

It’s no secret. I’ve been having a rough time lately. It’s been hard to put my sister’s death into some kind of context and I’ve burned a lot of time in doing so. I’m sure I’m going to be ok and able to push forward and live my life. I worry about my mother though, every minute. I feel like we are running a little behind on our wedding plans, just another stressor. At least there is a payoff, so that is good (great) stress. It’s finally cold here. That’s hard since I haven’t lived in the cold since 1998. Wow, that’s crazy to think about.

Getting back on track is a must. I will be traveling to Arizona in early March and staying through the end of April. While I am there I will be busy at work during most days. When I am not I have a specific plan. I have to find a gym to work out at, I’m sure someone will give me some guest passes. Also, I will be working hard on my game. Toward the end of April, I will again travel to Parker, AZ to compete in the 2012 Parker Open. I have played in this thing with little to no success since 2002. This year will be different, I’m sure of it. I have the same Pro-Am team returning this year, a great supporting cast. I missed the professional cut by one stroke last year and it is beginning to refuel my drive. Parker will be a warm up for the upcoming qualifying for the US Open, first part of May and the initial reason for the “day counting” and the blog. In the next few weeks I’m going to reach out to a few friends and ask for a little help in preparation, that will be the difference this time.