DAY 101:

The 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open did not turn out the way we wanted. Jon missed the cut. In life, you will miss a few, it truly is how you pick yourself up and move on. It’s amazing how many stories you can get in one week inside the ropes. For example: Stephanie walks by Ben Crane at an ATM and he is telling jokes to the machine, bad ones. “A duck walks into a pharmacy and orders some chapstick, “put it on my bill,” he says. Ben is truly a goofy individual. There are plenty more stories but I will save them for later.  In June, Jon will be in Monterey competing in the PGA’s Professional National Championship. I will again be on the bag. I’ve made of commitment to him, a commitment of being an excellent caddy and better friend. It’s one of a list of characteristics in my life I have changed, for the good I think. I am a great friend. So, now I’m back at work, to the grind. Found out today that I will be spending March and April in Arizona working at our headquarters. I am very excited about this. I didn’t get to see all my friends and family last week and this will give me a great chance to catch up. I wish I could pick up everyone that I love and have them in one place.

Anyway, the quest rolls on. US Open qualifying will be the first week in May and I have a lot of work to do. Will the book have it’s ending? Or will it ever end?