Day 80:

I had a 10:28 tee time at Callippe Preserve Golf Club yesterday. It was a one-day, 18 hole, event directed by the Pepsi Tour. 40 players showed up, not bad for a single day event. The golf course was firm and fast, which I usually enjoy. The hole locations were ridiculous, landing somewhere in between Whistling Straights and a family fun center. I was the first one off the tee in my group. The nerves didn’t hit me until the tee was actually in the ground. I went through my routine and hit a very nice, high teeshot that seemed to stay in the air forever, good start. The second shot was to a back left hole location, I had a wedge. At contact I could feel through the ground that I pulled it a bit, 5 yards left of the hole. The rock hard green repelled my ball into a hazard. I was able to play the ball onto the middle of the green and get a two putt bogey. Not compounding mistakes is an important attribute to playing good golf. And that was the basic story of the day, missing on the wrong side of the hole. That ball I pulled, had it been 5 yards to the right of the hole, it would have spun back and I would have had a good look at birdie. The entire field had a rough day, except for the guy I was playing with, he shot 66 (6 under par) with a red-hot putter. The next best score was 74. My score was a few more than that.

When I got home, I felt like shit. I was pretty pissed at myself for some of the mental errors I made during this round. I said the words, “I think I’m done…retiring from professional golf…” Well, with a great night sleep and a good day at work I’m ready to retract that statement. I’ll never really be done. Just going to strap on the work boots and continue forward. I just can’t quit like that, not anymore. The journey continues…