DAY 76:

I ate lunch at McDonald’s the other day. Probably visit there once every two months or so, usually breakfast. It was absolutely delicious but I quickly realized why I don’t eat there. I immediately felt like a big bag of hot garbage. It made me think. I really don’t know that many people who eat there all the time. I looked at my Facebook friends list, 435, and I could probably pick 4 or 5 that might eat their exclusivley. That’s a very small percentage of people I know that frequent McDs. Strange, because it’s easily the most successful restaurant chain in the world. Who is eating there? On a side note, I learned that starting the year 2012 there will be more Subways in the US than McDonald’s. Are we more health conscience or is a foot long sandwich for only 5 bucks too much of a good deal??

I’ve gone through this few days with very low energy. I’m not sure what’s going on but I have reached a wall with my exercise. I haven’t run in over a week and only been to the gym once this week. I feel I need to use some supplementation to keep my energy levels up and recovery time faster. I also have realized that I am dehydrated. When I lived in the desert it was easy to drink plenty of water and it was easy to know when you should drink more. Here, it’s so mild and I hardly ever break a sweat or feel thirsty, even on the golf course. I need to get more water into my body. I feel like we’re eating better at my house but I need some more protein in my diet and I’ll be good.

I’m getting excited to play some tournament golf on Monday. I’ve been hitting a lot of balls and getting plenty of short game in. It’s been crazy nice here this winter, I’ve only seen maybe 2 days of rain. (It was 6o plus degrees today!)  I’ve focused more lately on the mental aspect of the game. My ball striking skills are pretty good now but I am still learning how to think around the course. I have some new ideas and am going to put them into action Monday. If they work you’ll hear all about it.