DAY 73:

I feel better when I write. I haven’t written in a few days because I’m feeling a little out of it. I told you, in any attempt at greatness I always haD these luls. Sometimes the valley can be harder to get out of than most. The rain makes the mud thick and hard to get off your boots. I played a practice round today for next Monday’s tournament. I hit the ball well and actually putted decent. I didn’t keep score but if I would have I can imagine I would have fired somewhere in the mid 60s. It is beautiful outside today, those are probably running out. Everything seems to be looking up and in my favor. Why did I feel like an emotional wreck all day? What does that even mean? I hit this wedge  shot today out of plugged lie in a green-side bunker, one hop, off the stick and in the hole. I didn’t even smile.

I have to figure this day out. In the past this would have bothered me for days, possibly weeks. The difference now is that I use my out-lets. I get past it. Unfortunately with my brain chemistry I fee like  I am going to have these days every now and again. The important thing is not to let it affect my life, my relationships, my career. I’m going to the gym to work this out. Tomorrow is a new day.