DAY 63:

Who knew that the end of 2011 would bring some of the happiest moments of my life? We are forever changing and evolving as a people and an abundance of change has come my/our way very quickly. On Christmas Eve I got down on one knee and made it official. I completely eliminated the girlfriend title forever. When you stand next to someone for five years through both highs and some of the most difficult times and love has only grown, you’ve earned that ring. I really wasn’t expecting to be so entirely caught up in the excitement, I can’t stop smiling. So many great moments were born from this but one of my favorites was the acceptance of her father. I did the old fashion phone call to him the morning of and asked for his blessings and I was taken back by his words. I was sure he wouldn’t say no but there was nervousness none the less. I guess it was just the pure pride that came from his voice that made me  swell with happiness and stand a little taller as a man. Our lives are changing and getting better everyday. I’m sure there will be tough times at some point but I don’t have to face it solo anymore, we are a team.

We got to spend some of the best time with her family for Christmas. The day after we trekked up to Lake Tahoe and spent a few days with my favorite cousin Tawni Sue. I love her so much. If everyone in the world was just a little more like her we wouldn’t have to worry about anything. I’m so blessed to have her and her family in my life, thank God for the day I moved to Phoenix:-)

2012 will be the greatest year of my life. There is a strong possibility that our wedding will take place this year. No, there is no official date yet, but soon. We will travel to Phoenix to start our year. I have the honor of caddying for a great friend in the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open, inside the ropes at a PGA tour event. I am so excited for this, I went to this event for 10 years and love everything about it. Walking through that tunnel to 16 tee is going to blow my mind. I will keep it together though and do my best work. Jon and I have always been a great team and I’m looking forward to making this our greatest event yet. We will be teaming up again in the summer for another PNC, professional national championship(formerly the CPC), our 3rd as a team. From there who knows where it will take us?!?

I continue to put in my work on my own game and may get some awesome opportunity to play some great tournaments this summer. If you’ve been reading and paying attention you know that US Open Qualifying will be first priority, as a golfer. They released the sites for local qualifying and I am currently trying to decide which course it will be. It cannot be forced, it will come to me. I am a different player and a different man than I was only a year ago. 2012 will be my greatest golfing year. No doubts.

I am excited I get to share my life with you on this blog. I feel the support and love. Thank you so much. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” – Dalai Lama