Day 45:

I was recently asked about my secret to playing good golf. I thought about this hard, this morning while I was practicing. There are literally hundreds of explanations I could list and give detailed accounts about how each has helped and continues to help me. There are the cliché reasons, “practice makes perfect,” “focus and determination,” “be the ball,” and other crap like that. When used practically they all work and are effective. Now, the real question becomes how do you get from a good player to an accomplished tournament player or even a PGA Tour player? I give just a few answers. 1. Being able to maintain spine angle, tempo and pace and singular focus for over 5 hours of competition. Many guys/girls lose focus when they get tired or late in rounds, hence they lose spine angle and come out of a lot of shots. Speed and tempo also are affected. A strong body helps the mind cope when the pressure is on. 2. Play more and practice on the golf course. You can get a lot of reps in at the range but only “on course” practice gives you real life scenarios. It’s hard to duplicate a down-hill lie from 230 into a par 5 with water on the left, down 2 strokes to some hack you should be trouncing. Experience is the ultimate practice. Play more matches and compete. 3. Lessons and Club fitting. Get a teaching professional. I’m not saying break the bank with 10 lessons a month but see someone at least once a month and get professional help. Pick a pro that teaches like you learn. To you an instructor might be detailed and mechanical, to someone else it might just be confusing. Being fit in the correct clubs is also just as important. I never realized how much until I took this job as a club fitter and fit myself. My bag is now fit to me and I have just as much confidence in my wedges and I do my driver. I know they will perform. 4. Lastly, believe your own hype. I came up with this one. I play with a lot of strangers. Guys that don’t know me or my level, by the 3rd or 4th hole the question always comes up. What’s your handicap? Then I rattle off my “golf tale”, how long I’ve played, great shots, etc… So, old Billy, used to self destruct after hyping myself. As soon as I say ,” my best scores are 63s and one is a course record,” boom, ball go bye-bye. New Billy believes his own hype. I am a great golfer.

So that’s just a few things to make yourself a better golfer. Notice not much to do with the actual swing.