Day 44:

The tread mill burns, like I’ve stated before. Running is hard, for me at least. The burn always starts in my lower leg. I think, “am I doing it right?” It goes from the bottom up, to my lungs and heart. This time, instead of slowing down, I increase the “uphill” feature and speed the moving walkway. My heart beats quickly, my lungs are inflamed. Push harder, to the brink of passing out and then I let off the gas. 30 minutes at almost a sprint, not bad. I run especially hard tonight, I am remembering people I’ve lost, not just to the reaper. There are plenty of friends that have fallen through my grasp, either by geography or pain, we are no longer friends. Sadness leads to anger and I’m using that fuel. When work is slow, I told you, I think. I continue with  my workout on the free weight rack. Shoulder press, side raises, bent-over rows and finish with bicep curls. It’s called, “around the world.” A great man, Carl Horne, and quite possibly the biggest influence in my fitness and spiritual life taught me this. He doesn’t know that. He is a fitness and mind training genius. You can go to his new project, If you are in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, I highly suggest him for any kind of training.  I press through a few sets of this staple in my routine. Burn my body but also worked my mind to stay focused in the chaos. I will have my break, I’m earning it.

I watched some golf swing video stuff today online. PGA tour players getting swing analysis and certain golf shots. I continue to not be impressed with the physical aspect of this game. Forward I move.