Day 43:

I remember the first eagle I ever made. For the non-golfing crowd that reads this, an Eagle is 2 below the par on any given hole, 2 on a par 4 or 3 on a par 5.  I was 13 years old. We were playing at the famous Horseshoe Mountain Golf Course, Dayton, Wyoming. It was the 3rd hole and it was pouring rain. My second shot was from about 160 yards, I hit 3 wood, actually wooden. Smoked it, low and cutting toward the hole. When it hit the ground, a sweet rooster tail of rainwater shot up 2 feet high. Boom, flagstick and in , memory made. I have holed out so many shots since it’s hard to keep track. I mostly remember the ones when playing with friends, in tournaments and of course the most recent.

Today, San Ramon Golf Club, 3rd hole. I had 72 yards to a front pin. I hit a low spinning sand wedge, a shot I have almost perfected. The ball took one hop and found the hole, eagle. The rest of the round was kind of boring. I made a lot of pars and couple other birdies and shot 3 under par, 69. The course is short and not that hard but conditions weren’t the best today, a tough wind blew. My game  is starting to get pretty sharp, driver is still the weakness. I’m starting to look at some tournaments I can play in after the first of the year, no quitting this time… Off to the gym for a quick work out before dinner.