DAY 41:

I think a lot. “Thinking is doing,” a wise man said. Putting this together is sometimes difficult because I have so many thoughts throughout the day. It’s confusing and convoluted so I won’t bore you on how a topic is reached. When work is slow, such as the last couple days, even more thinking is done.

So I thought I would lighten up a little tonight and tell a funny story. Right out of high school I decided to go to the University of Wyoming, I made it a semester but that’s besides the point. I had a hard time balancing school and social life. I got an A+ at partying but not so much educationally, lesson learned. Anyways, I remember the first college party I went to, brutal. Early one morning I loaded my car and took off for Laramie Wyoming, about a 5 hour drive from Sheridan. I made it the whole way with no problems, until about 6 blocks from my new dorm room, White Hall 10th floor. My car broke down, just stop going, I found out later it was just a timing belt but that’s not the story. I walked to campus and ended up running into a good friend that lived off campus and his roommate had a truck, got the truck, towed the car and the invite was extended. Party at their place tonight!

Before the party I had some business to attend to. I was not recruited out of high school to play football anywhere but I knew the game better than anyone I knew at the time. I was going to walk on, Rudy style. I found out when and where to be for walk-on tryout. I met with an assistant coach and filled out some paper work. He left the room, returned 5 minutes later, gave me the papers and told me, “I don’t think so son…” He proceeded to walk back into the head coaches office and they had a good laugh at my expense. That’s the shortened version.

So I walked to Dan’s house early, ready to get wasted. We tracked down the 21-year-old  and I said “don’t care what…” He came back with a pint of blackberry brandy and a 12 pack of Zima, remember that chick beer. That is until you drink half the beer and refill the empty portion of the bottle with  the brandy. It makes an alcoholic berry flavored gator-aidish brew. I finished 6 of them before I knew what hit me and did some shots of other stuff. I passed out in Dan’s room at about 9. The party started at about 11. I stumbled into the living room with 50 college coeds staring at the drunk freshman. I ended up pulling down the blinds that went to the sliding door and broke a beer mug in the kitchen. I was ordered to go back to bed. My first day at school, no wonder I didn’t make it. I learned a lot that semester, unfortunately nothing from the classroom.

Busy day at work tomorrow, so maybe I won’t think so much and will get back on point.